Bridal Trends

November 18

Seema Mehta, Creative Director – Kirtilals answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the selection of bridal jewellery.

1.What are the bridal jewellery trends for 2015?

The choice of Bridal jewellery is very specific to the personality of the bride. However, large spread out neck pieces, Jadau sets, diamonds paired with emeralds and rubies are in vogue.

Wearing a tiara for the wedding reception has also become a popular choice..

2.How has bridal jewellery changed in the last two years?

In the last 2 years, I have witnessed an influence of west in a bride’s jewellery selection rendering it classic and yet trendy. There used to be a marked difference in the jewellery selection by brides in the north and south. The gap seems to be narrowing.

3.Are modern brides looking at gold jewellery? Or do they prefer statement diamond sets?

In India, the importance of gold cannot be undermined.  In Kerala, there is a marked preference for gold but elsewhere, brides are choosing a combination of gold and diamonds.



4.Do they like inclusion of coloured gemstones in bridal sets?

All brides like a dash of color in their bridal sets. Emeralds are the most preferred gemstones.


5.With the cost of the yellow metal and polished diamonds increasing, is today’s consumer looking at versatile or modular pieces? If yes, could you give us some examples?

Today’s bride is well read, knowledgeable person.

With the cost of the gold and diamonds increasing, she is choosing her jewellery carefully.

The bridal jewellery is not just meant for the occasion alone. It has to be versatile enough to be worn later.

In the south, where a plain gold or diamond studded  cummerbund (belt) is a must, the bride chooses one that can later be used as a necklace.

The necklace in turn can later be converted into a set of pendants and ear – rings with an option to change gemstones.



6.What are the most popular stones that are in demand for bridal jewellery?

Most popular stones are diamonds and emeralds followed by rubies.


7.Are brides opting for contemporary pieces? Or do they prefer to stick to traditional jewellery for their wedding?

Brides prefer classic and traditional pieces for weddings..  For other occasions they turn to modern and contemporary jewels.


8.Is kundan-meena/jadau jewellery with a contemporary twist gaining popularity?

Yes. We at Kirtilals are planning to introduce them  soon.


9.If you had to style a bride for her wedding, what jewellery would you pick for the sangeet, reception and wedding function?

A modern Indian bride is contemporary in her outlook and traditional in her values.

Her unique Indianness is reflected in her statement jewellery she adorns.

A bride must have two statement pieces which will make her stand out.

Maang Tikkas – Haath phools and Armlets have made a comeback as statement pieces.

These accessories complete a bride’s attire and should ideally contrast with the rest of the pieces by selection of a unique motif.

Gold with rose cut diamonds and rubies with an old world aesthetic is back in vogue. These  can be worn with  traditional attire as well as a statement piece that can be paired  with a gown.

Flaunting a Tiara for the reception is a must. You can add a dash of colour to the tiara with Zambian emeralds and Burmese rubies.

Cocktail ring and long earrings with nothing on the neck are ideal for a cocktail party or a bachelorette party.


10.List 5 essential jewellery pieces that is a must for a bride-to-be.?

An arm band(baju band), haath phool, maang tika, jhumkas, cummerband.. are must haves for any bride.Kirtilals_Arm band (Baju band)


11.What are the common mistakes brides make while picking jewellery?

The common mistake that brides commit is that they choose their attire first and then the jewellery.

It should be the other way round.

A dress no matter how expensive is going to last only for 2 to 3 years.

Jewellery on the other hand should ideally be everlasting.

While choosing the attire, a bride must choose a dress with an open neckline so that

the jewellery stands out.


12.When should one start purchasing their bridal jewellery trousseau?

It should be planned at least a year before the big day. The jewellery should be bought first and then the clothes..


13.Give us some essential points brides should consider before picking out their bridal jewellery?

A bride should consider investment value and also the versatility. The jewellery should be wearable on various occasions as well.


14.Any tips for brides so they don’t look overdressed/underdressed on their special day?

Be different, be trendy and be yourself is the wedding mantra.

Just as no two diamonds are exactly alike; a bride too should stand out  by sporting a carefully selected diamond ensemble.Kirtilals Pieces

Diamonds form an essential part of every bride’s trousseau.

Being overdressed or under dressed is very subjective. It depends on the personality and the body type.

If you are able to carry your jewellery with elegance and aplomb, go for it.

Otherwise, less is more should be the norm.

Choose minimalistic designs with large solitaires or natural coloured gemstones as the centre piece.

A bride shines the brightest in a combination of bespoke diamond and emerald jewellery consisting of an ornate necklace paired with long danglers or jhumkas.